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News and Press Coverage

10/15/2016: Family's good deed saves man's life

10/01/2016: One car rollover and extrication in Weston

09/22/2016: House of horrors: Animal hoarding slideshow

09/01/2016: Flames heavily damage barn

08/19/2016: It's hurricane season, are you ready?

08/12/2016: Weston Firefighters extinguish burning truck

08/12/2016: Weston's revived fire explorers program heats up

07/18/2016: Jeep catches fire in Weston

07/03/2016: Motor vehicle crash sends one to the hospital

06/30/2016: WVFD announces awards

06/13/2016: WVFD members earn recognition

06/10/2016: Request for Proposal for new Pumper/Tanker

05/30/2016: 3 suffer injuries in one car rollover crash

03/11/2016: High level of carbon monoxide in Weston home

02/10/2016: Weston firefighters answer the call at chili fest

02/10/2016: Rollover on Broad St

02/09/2016: Pickup truck destroyed by fire

02/04/2016: WVFD elects two new captains

01/21/2016: WVFD holds helicopter training session

12/09/2015: Woman and dogs rescued from Weston house fire

12/09/2015: WVFD says farewell to its captain

11/30/2015: Obituary: Captain Bill Gluck 1966-2015

11/29/2015: One-car accident sends driver to hospital

11/18/2015: Car accident on Weston Rd causes serious injuries

10/01/2015: Chimney fire hits Catbrier Road home

09/10/2015: WVFD investigates house fire on Newtown Tpke

09/06/2015: Fire destroys garage at Weston home

09/07/2015: WVFD battles blaze on Catbrier Road

09/05/2015: Forrest Edelman hired as firefighter in Greenwich

07/17/2015: Good Samaritan helps driver in rollover accident

07/08/2015: Boy bitten by copperhead snake at Devil's Den

06/15/2015: Weston fire, EMS seek new members

06/14/2015: Video: Regional Tanker Shuttle drill

06/11/2015: WVFD awards: Firefighters celebrated for service

06/01/2015: Family thanks first responders for fire help

05/22/2015: WVFD is looking for new members

05/19/2015: Mutual-aid to Easton barn fire and brush fire

05/11/2015: WVFD does extrication drill

05/02/2015: Fire destroys barn in Easton

03/23/2015: First Responders trek into woods to rescue man

03/23/2015: WVFD responds to fire at confusing border address

03/20/2015: Weston fire/ems take part in ice rescue drill

03/06/2015: Change your clocks and your batteries

03/05/2015: WVFD responds to gas truck leak

03/02/2015: Fire ravages Range Rd home in Wilton

02/28/2015: Crews respond to Wilton house fire

02/18/2015: Extra help needed as ice, snow hinder firefighters

02/15/2015: Valentine's day chimney fire

02/14/2015: WVFD offers storm tips

02/10/2015: Paul Deysenroth Jr. Day

02/10/2015: Firefighter honored for 50 years service (video)

01/20/2015: WVFD provides mutual aid to Westport fire

01/10/2015: Warming up Weston - bonfire (video)

11/26/2014: Slick roads lead to crashes on Weston roads

11/10/2014: FFers battle brush fire in Georgetown

10/16/2014: Slideshow: WVFD Open House

07/04/2014: Weston Firefighters battle blaze during storm

07/04/2014: Steve Russo is Weston's Firefighter of the Year

04/20/2014: Fire hits Weston home

04/20/2014: Fire breaks out in home on Langner Lane (video)

01/07/2014: WVFD assists in two weather-related accidents

01/05/2014: Driver's car snaps Weston utility pole in two

12/23/2013: Greenfield sworn in as newest police officer

12/16/2013: Garage catches fire on Old Redding Rd

12/11/2013: WVFD responds to holiday weekend calls

12/10/2013: Jason Greenfield is Weston's newest Police Officer

09/19/2013: Lightning strike may have caused barn fire

07/26/2013: Rollover crash on Newtown Turnpike

07/19/2013: WVFD gives CO detectors to all Weston HS grads

07/18/2013: Car catches fire on Valley Forge

07/03/2013: Summer grilling: Don't be lax with open flames

07/03/2013: Use fireworks and sparklers responsibly

06/14/2013: Weston Firefighters battle a blaze on Steep Hill Rd

06/13/2013: Fire claims home on Steep Hill Rd in Weston

06/13/2013: Fire rips through home on Steep Hill Rd in Weston

06/13/2013: Breaking News: House fire on Steep Hill

06/13/2013: House fire reported on Steep Hill Rd in Weston

05/06/2013: Weston car fire spreads to house

05/03/2013: Fire damages home on Eleven O'clock Rd (video)

04/10/2013: WVFD responds to car fire

03/14/2013: Several people taken to hospital after Weston crash

03/05/2013: Weston EMS Profile: Eric Bibler

02/09/2012: Fallen tree takes down wires and traffic light

02/03/2012: Take precautions to avoid frozen pipes

01/13/2013: Lost hikers rescued at Devils Den (video)

01/12/2013: Lost children and adult found at Devils Den

01/06/2013: Weston church hosts bonfire fundraiser (video)

01/06/2013: Christmas tree bonfire raises funds for WarmUp fund

01/05/2013: Men arrested for causing Saugatuck oil spill

01/05/2013: Garbage man hit by car while picking up trash

12/30/2012: Alleged copper theft causes oil spill (video)

12/29/2012: Tree bonfire squad gets ready to light the night

12/28/2012: Elsie Pokorny, mother of Fire Chief, dies at 88

12/06/2012: Winter Fire Safety: Prevention is the key

11/25/2012: WVFD logs 925 hours during Superstorm Sandy

11/04/2012: Locals mourn Easton firefighter killed in storm

11/02/2012: Lights Out! Superstorm Sandy KOs Weston

10/04/2012: Weston EMS has six good reasons to join

07/04/2012: WVFD and EMS honor their top volunteers

06/14/2012: Alarm thwarts fire in basement

06/11/2012: Mutual Aid: Chemical fire at Wilton residence

05/30/2012: Smoke detectors: Proper care is the key

05/06/2012: Three injured in head-on collision on Newtown Tpke

05/01/2012: On scene "in just minutes" to Wilton garage fire

04/30/2012: Mutual aid: Fire crews battle condo blaze in Wilton

04/30/2012: Weston firefighters visit Nursery school

04/21/2012: 25 years after L'Ambiance Plaza: Mark Blake (part 1)

04/21/2012: 25 years after L'Ambiance Plaza: Mark Blake (part 2)

04/19/2012: Weston brush fire

04/04/2012: Woods End blaze in Weston: all safely accounted for

03/30/2012: 50 years of emergency services: Weston EMS

03/28/2012: Fire on Woods End Lane

03/28/2012: Fire ravages home in northern Weston

03/28/2011: Fire damages Weston home

03/25/2012: Emergency response team completes first training

03/19/2012: Fire reported at the Weston Gun Club

03/19/2012: Promoting fire safety

03/14/2012: Get into the fight with HomeTownBoxer

03/14/2012: Exploring Weston's budget

03/11/2011: Area fire officials "Sound the Alarm" on fire safety

03/01/2011: Gas leak that closed Old Mill Rd investigated

02/21/2012: Burn permits must now be made in writing

02/21/2012: EMS Profile: Mark Goldenberg committed to safety

02/20/2012: Westport Chief makes presentation to Weston FD

01/25/2012: Multi-car crash investigated in Weston

01/22/2012: EMS Profile: Jon Weingarten

01/11/2012: Car accident closes Newtown Turnpike

01/06/2012: Injuries in two-car crash, fire

01/04/2012: Fire safety: Check detectors and chimneys

12/20/2011: Holidays most dangerous time for house fires

12/12/2011: EMS Profile: Rob Weiss

11/25/2011: Weston responds to Saugatuck fire

11/21/2011: "Extensive" fire damage at Saugatuck Church

11/21/2011: EMS Profile: Diane Slovak, Construction Queen

11/16/2011: Regional dispatch idea is off the table

11/03/2011: Woman extricated after car crash closes Weston Rd

10/15/2011: Westonite of the week: Beth Berkowitz

10/14/2011: Weston is a HEARTSafe community

10/05/2011: Weston students learn about fire prevention

09/26/2011: Weston Schools super grateful to First Responders

09/26/2011: 8 Weston students hurt in Westport bus crash

09/11/2011: Weston honors First Responders at 9/11 ceremony

09/06/2011: One injured in Weston rollover

08/17/2016: Rollover in Weston

08/16/2011: Rollover on Lyons Plain Rd

08/10/2011: Sanders is Weston EMT of the Year

07/30/2011: Westonite of the Week: Bruce Ando

07/03/2011: One car crash snaps utility pole in half

06/22/2011: Steve Russo is the 2011 Firefighter of the Year

06/20/2011: Car v. Telephone pole in Weston

05/25/2011: Joe Spetly will lead Memorial Day Parade

05/22/2011: Driver Extricated in Rollover Accident on River Rd

05/21/2011: National EMS Week Honors Weston's Heroes

05/19/2011: Relay For Life: WVFD walks all night in gear on air

05/01/2011: Volunteer EMS Profile: Beth Berkowitz

04/30/2011: Weston Firefighter/Photographer earns a  "Millie"

04/09/2011: Westonites of the Week: Maria and Lou Dempsey

04/08/2011: Weston names couple its Citizens of the Year

03/26/2011: Westonite of the Week: Mark Harper

03/23/2011: Lou and Maria Dempsey: 2011 Citizens of the Year

03/14/2011: WVFD ski team takes 3rd place in charity race

03/09/2011: March storm madness: Water, water everywhere

03/09/2011: Weston grows weary of snow, rain

03/01/2011: Victim extricated in Weston Rd crash

02/15/2011: Weston EMS needs your help

02/15/2011: Four escape serious injury in Weston crash

02/07/2011: Building collapses on Cartbridge Rd

02/07/2011: Weston to spend $16K on new fire hoses

01/24/2011: Weston wants you to adopt a hydrant

01/21/2011: Fireman and Wife honored as Heroes

01/20/2011: Lou and Maria Dempsey named Red Cross Heroes

01/13/2011: Beware of Carbon Monoxide after heavy snow

01/10/2011: Weston firefighter pushes car seat safety

01/05/2011: Father, Son bond over helping the troops

12/29/2010: Lawyer serves Weston as Firefighter

12/20/2010: Car catches fire at Weston Center

12/18/2010: WVFD offers tips for safe holiday season

12/02/2010: WVFD and students adopt Army platoon

12/01/2010: Fred Moore, former Weston fire chief, dies at 78

11/19/2010: Students escape serious injury in bus accident

11/10/2010: Mutual aid given for Redding house fire

10/19/2010: Weston EMS Profile: Nisan Eventoff

10/03/2010: Kids get pumped at Fire House

09/29/2010: Lou Dempsey: Recipient of 2010 President's Award

09/20/2010: Mutual aid provided to Westport for I-95 rollover

08/30/2010: Mark Goldenberg is named Weston's EMT of the Year

08/23/2010: Max Burns is named Weston's FF'er of the Year

07/22/2010: Fire Chief Lives for Thrill of the Ride

06/30/2010: Quick moving storm leaves lasting impression

06/10/2010: Weston EMTs honored by hospital

05/29/2010: Lyette Segerdahl: EMT is leader of the parade

05/10/2010: A Look Back at 1965 by Joe Spetly

05/10/2010: Weston EMS Profile: Lynn Pokorny

03/18/2010: Skiing for a cause - WVFD take 2nd in FF ski race

02/11/2010: Bridgeport man dies in Weston crash

01/27/2010: Lyons Plain fire house reopens

01/08/2010: Weston car rescue down steep embankment (video)

12/30/2009: Grateful for Fire and EMS Volunteers

12/23/2009: Chimney fire spreads on Merry Lane

12/23/2009: Fire ignites crawl space on Norfield Rd

11/10/2009: Making the grade - new FF1 class

03/24/2009: Brush fire destroys one  home, threatens others

03/21/2009: Discarded ashes touches of Fire at Westport home

04/23/2008: Joe Abruzzi, Weston citizen of the year

04/12/2008: Weston garage goes up in flames, but house saved

01/10/2008: Attic fire causes smoke damage

06/28/2006: WVFD Celebrates 75'th Anniversary