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Special Thank You

This website is dedicated to its founder Tad Dillon


The WVFD is not a Town agency or department but a private, non-profit membership corporation. Every member is an unpaid volunteer - the Chief, the drivers of the apparatus, and all the firefighters are your neighbors. Our members are carpenters, teachers, attorneys, engineers, students, photographers and stockbrokers, and each is also a highly trained, State-certified firefighter dedicated to the health, safety and welfare of the people of Weston.


Started in 1931 by a few Town residents, contributions and personal funds totaling $5,800 bought the Town's first fire engine, a 1934 Mack. Known as the "Old Mack" it is still running and until a few year ago was used in interdepartmental competitions and musters. Now fully restored, the Old Mack is driven only in the Memorial Day Parade and at special events.


The WVFD is made up of two "divisions," Fire Rescue and Emergency Medical Services. Our combined membership is about 120, with many being members of both divisions. None of our members is paid for his/her services. Weston is one of the only towns in Fairfield county where neither fire nor EMS is staffed (fully or partially) with paid personnel.

All of the fire apparatus is purchased with Town funds. However both our ambulances were purchased and equipped through donations. Much of the other equipment has been purchased with funds that were generously contributed by you, our friends and neighbors. Typically the Town's budget for WVFD operations is about % of Weston's total budget. The WVEMS is fully funded by voluntary contributions, receiving no money from the Town.

In 2011 the Fire Department and EMS responded to 1,289 calls for help, 669 and 620, respectively. We currently have two fire stations: Norfield Headquarters or Station #1 and Lyons Plains or Station #2At the Norfield station we have two class A fire engines, one engine dedicated to water supply that carries over a mile of five-inch hose, and a tanker capable of carrying 2,500 gallons of water. At the Lyons Plain station we have one class A engine. Each engine carries hundreds of feet of hose, a variety of tools, and ground ladders from 24 to 35 feet in length.

Our Rescue truck carries a variety of specialty equipment from the Jaws-of-Life to power tools to rescue ropes.

Weston's two ambulances are staffed entirely by professional EMTs, all volunteers providing 24-hour, 7-day a week emergency services. They are supported by a paramedic dedicated to the towns of Weston and Wilton which share the cost. The paramedic program assures Town residents the highest level of pre-hospital medical intervention at all times.

From time to time our volunteers are called upon to help other fire departments and EMS squads, as we occasionally need help from neighboring towns. Weston is part of a multi-town mutual aid agreement whereby we are assured additional help will be there if needed.  Going to fire and ambulance calls, though very time consuming, is only a small part of what we do. Our members donate countless hours testing and maintaining pumps, air packs, medical equipment and ensuring a constant state of readiness.



Keeping skills sharp requires hours and hours of training. Our EMTs and Firefighters have both monthly and weekly drills. Our entire active firefighting force is state certified, which requires written and practical testing.  All new members must achieve Firefighter One (130 hours training) certification to become active.  Many members are trained to the Firefighter Two (160 hours) and HazMat Operations level. Each year we refine and practice our skills so you can be assured of fire, rescue, and emergency medical services that are second to none!